About healthysingleguy.com

About  healthysingleguy.com

As you can guess from the title of this website, I am a single guy, who tries to keep himself healthy. I am not obsessed about health, but I do want to keep myself fit. I realize that being healthy makes me feel better, which I appreciate, but as a single guy I like that it makes me look better too.

This site is intended to be a place for single guys to read about the things that generally concern us. The primary focus is overall health and fitness, but you’ll also find information about things many single guys enjoy — some of which may not be so healthy when done to excess — and how to enjoy those things without undoing the hard work we put in. Things like beer, steak, burgers and wings. I may occasionally write about some of the big reasons many of us single guys want to stay healthy: women and sex (if women aren’t your preference, you’re still welcome and I hope you find info you enjoy, but I write from my own perspective which is that of a single, heterosexual male).

As for myself, I’m 41, and I work in sales in the insurance industry. I live in sunny Southern California. I love cycling (road for now, but I can see a mountain bike in my future), have a passion for good food and gourmet cooking, and enjoy learning about and tasting wine. I’m also somewhat of a beer geek, and in the past I was very into homebrewing. I roast my own coffee as well, and especially love espresso.

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